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In a bid to promote wider adoption of Bitcoin, effort is under way to catch them young with a new feature recently introduced into the popular video game Minecraft to make it more interesting teaching young children about cryptocurrencies.

The concepts of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are seemingly hard for some adults to understand as they consider these rather too abstract. If older people find it harder to understand, it must be even a lot harder and unexciting teaching young people about bitcoin, given they are known to learn better through what they see.

Yet, it is vital to teach children now about cryptocurrencies in order to ensure the usefulness of these in the future. A new introduction to Minecraft wants to help in that regard.

A Minecraft multi-player server called PlayMC has introduced an in-game currency referred to as “bits.” A bit, also known as a “satoshi,” is equivalent to a 100,000,000th of a bitcoin, according to cryptocurrency news website CoinDesk.

Ease of use influenced the choice of unit that was selected for the currency. Children will be able to spend this currency on in-game purchases for classes and extra game content, among others. This setup is intended to enable kids to learn about bitcoin while enjoying their game playing as well.

About Minecraft

If the name Minecraft sounds rather new to you, it is a very popular video game played by millions of people across the world, especially young people. It is the third best-selling video game of all times, with more than 60 million copies sold. The main focus of Minecraft is to construct worlds using 3D blocks, which can be moved or destroyed. The game can be played alone or with many other players through the use of servers like PlayMC. Game objectives and nature of play vary and are determined using plugins.

PlayMC System

A result of collaboration between Acromedia and developer Brandon Gordon, PlayMC features plugins configured to transform the regular Minecraft game into mini games. These mini games have diverse objectives and players are allowed to either fight against each other or cooperate to earn bits. Players earn bits through normal play actions such as kills and wins as well as for winning powerups and tournaments. Bug reporting, server staff function execution, blog post writing and bounties are some of the several other ways bits can also be gained.

Boosting Bitcoin Use

One great thing this PlayMC introduction brings to the table is that it will help with promotion of the bitcoin economy by exciting interest in young people. While playing their favorite Minecraft, they are able to learn how to use bitcoin as well as how to manage the cryptocurrency. The use of bitcoin somehow eliminates difficulty facing young people below 18 when making electronic transactions arising from bank account or credit card restrictions.

Another cool thing about bitcoin in PlayMC is that the bits can not only be used to make in-game purchases, but can also be exchanged into regular fiat money through an exchange. This can greatly help to encourage adoption.

PlayMC is not the first bitcoin-focused Minecraft server, but it is the first aimed particularly at kids. Company spokesperson said young players have been asking to know more about the digital currency.