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It is good news to anyone in the bitcoin community to hear of more and more businesses starting to accept the leading cryptocurrency from time to time. One of the latest additions to the list is American comedian and actor Louis Szekely, who is more popularly known by his professional name of Louis C.K.

The Coin Telegraph reports that the comedian has started accepting bitcoin as a mean of making payments for his shows performed at Madison Square Garden. Buyers will be able to get Louis CK’s audio-only comedy show using the cryptocurrency through the platform of leading bitcoin payment service provider BitPay.

The comedian stated on his site that customers will be able to specify the price for his audio album.

“We have the price set to 5 dollars but you can lower it to 1 dollar or raise it to 85. that’s the maximum, because beyond that, I don’t want your crazy money,” Louis CK wrote.

BitPay has been integrated into the comedian’s website to enable fans buy any of his recordings, albums and shows using bitcoin. With this development, Louis CK has thus become the first comedian to accept payment for his albums and shows in bitcoins.

In addition to other possible reasons for this move, the Coin Telegraph reports that it is very likely that the comedian started to accept “bitcoin for his cheap albums and audio-only shows on his site, including the LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN comedy show“.

Some fans of Louis C.K. appear to be delighted by the announcement, while some have reportedly started making purchases with bitcoin.

“I was actually just looking for some standup comedy on Youtube, then noticed this post. Best $10 ever spent,” a fan wrote.

By allowing users to buy show recordings and albums for as little as $1, this move by Louis C.K. could contribute its bit in boosting the use of bitcoin. This popular cryptocurrency saves users from the stress associated with the use of rival payment platforms such as PayPal, which charges exorbitant fees and frequently freezes users’ accounts often with no justifiable reason.